Unitea Blends

DTVC (Daniel Tompkins Vocal Coaching) is excited to announce 'Unitea Blends'. That's right, Daniel is also a tea maker and has developed a company that boasts excellent quality, artisan tea and herbal drinks. Singers will be pleased to know that there is a whole range of caffeine free herbal teas to support healthy living and throat care. The 'Wellbeing' range of artisan teas has been created especially for singers by Daniel himself and now they're available direct from Unitea Blends.

“As a young and aspiring artist, I would seek advise from industry professionals on healthy living. Singing worldwide, I quickly realised the benefits of Herbal Teas for the arduous touring lifestyle. Herbal Tea is a great accompaniment for singers and brings with it tonnes of health benefits. I have paid close attention to throat care blends and over the years I have cherry picked the best ingredients to create an exciting range of teas for singers”