Daniel Tompkins Vocal Coaching

We made it! Wow, it’s been a long road getting to this point and thank you all so much for your patience and constant streams of excitement and support!

I really hope you enjoyed the short video series I created and I would NOW personally like to invite you to sign up and JOIN the ‘Daniel Tompkins Vocal Coaching’ website.

You will find the main focus of the site to be around ‘CORE CONTENT’ with topics such as:

  • The Singers Lifestyle
  • The Mechanics of the Voice
  • The Mechanics of Breathing
  • Basic Vocal Routine
  • Pitch and Meditative Drones
  • Breathing Exercises

Within each of these titles you will find lots of informative videos and exercises that I have carefully created. I’m positive that what’s on offer will help you to grow and understand your voice on another level.

Also on the site you’ll find a ‘LIVE VOCAL’ section, which is an area dedicated to my studio performances. Here I’ll explain how I approach each song and give you some detailed information on the technicalities.

Besides this you’ll find a ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’, ‘WEBINARS’ and a ‘COMMUNITY’ area, where together you can develop profiles, share experiences and learn from each other.

All the content on the site will continue to be updated and grow with the site and it’s community… EXCITING!

HD Videos

Full HD video content to enjoy!

Members Only Forum

Of all the website the FORUM and COMMUNITY excite me the most. Here you’ll be able to create a profile, network with other singers, share experiences and YOUR music and vocal performances. From this, I hope we can create a community of worth holding onto; encouragement and learning that will be benefit everyone!

Live + Interactive Webinars

As part of the membership you will have access my live and interactive WEBINARS, where I will spend time delivering material and conducting live Q & A’s, answering all your burning questions about singing!

Monthly, Annual, Lifetime Options

You can sign up as a monthly, annual or lifetime member.

Monthly is billed every month from the day you sign up and you can cancel at any time!

Annual is billed yearly from the day you sign up and you can cancel at any time!

Lifetime is billed once and you never pay again and have access...FOR LIFE!

Growing Content

Over time you will notice that the site will continue to expand with added courses and content. I have a long term plan in place for the development of the site and the education it will offer.

In the future you will see content such as:

  • Vocal Fry / Extreme Vocals
  • Developing Vibrato
  • Controlling Falsetto
  • Mix Voice Courses
  • Expanding Range
  • Perfect Pitch

Unlimited Support

If you run into any issues or simply have a question our tech team are on hand to answer your questions via email!

Community of Singers

Join a community of singers from all over the world!


VIP Membership includes EVERYTHING inside the members area!


Premium Membership includes all the content - everything apart from the Live & Interactive Webinars with Dan!