Just SING!

The human voice is an INCREDIBLE instrument; functioning as a result of complex muscular movement and co-ordination; it is a truly, wonderful thing! From birth, our voices help us recognise those we know and love; to communicate with one another; to help us recognise emotion and create beautiful sounds through singing. The best part is YOUR VOICE is completely unique to you and you alone; it is yours for as long as you live and breathe. Your voice is an extension of your personality so treat it like a friend, take care of it and it will take care of you!

An important thing to know is that your voice, as well as having a personality of its own, also has a MEMORY. When you sing, the muscles working inside your throat learn to behave in the way you use them, so learn to use them correctly by getting guidance and understand the correct way to sing. Until then…just sing! Be yourself: mindful of the fact that your voice is unique. Express yourself when singing, whether it’s in the car, in the shower or on stage. The more exercise your voice gets (generally speaking) the better, so use it.

In the meantime make some PLANS and set GOALS. You don’t have to lay down a 5-year plan here but one of the first things you should do is be extremely honest with yourself and make a list of what YOU consider to be your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES. Would you say you have good pitch?

What about range, tone, power, control? Do you have good breathing skills? Can you breathe from your diaphragm? How long can you hold a note for? Maybe your head voice is weak and thin, maybe your chest voice is powerful but the quality of the notes you sing are poor? … There are lots of questions you should ask yourself but when you’re ready and have given your PRO’S AND CON’S some thought then think about getting some one to one advice from a professional to help guide you and set you on a structured path to improving your voice!